Friends of the Linnets 100 Club

1.   The “100 Club” will be operated under The Gambling Act 2005 which deals with a Small Society Lottery. The promoters are the committee of the friends of the Linnets.

2.   The Friends committee reserves the right to alter the rules of the “100 club” from time to time as may be necessary.

3.   All profits made by the “100 Club” will be used to support Friends of the Linnets projects and King’s Lynn Town FC.

4.   The Lottery is open to anyone over the age of 16.

5.   The subscription will be £2.00 per month, collected in either a single payment of £24.00 of two x £12 half yearly payments, by cash or cheque. On receipt of payment the applicant will be allocated a draw number.

6.   A draw will take place every month at the nearest first team home match to the end of each month. Then once the season is over, at the monthly committee meeting. Winners will be published in the match day programme and on the club website.

7.   A minimum of 50% of the total of the annual subscriptions will be paid out in the form of a cheque: for this purpose the “100 Club” will run from the end of September to end of August.

8.   No “100 Club” participant will be included in the draw if the appropriate subscription has not been received. The committee reserves the right to reallocate any draw number where payment has not been received on time.

9.   Prizes will be paid by cheque, which will be either given to the winner by hand or sent through the post only to the person holding the winning number.

10. In the event of there being less than 100 participants, prizes       shall be awarded on a pro rata basis of the actual number of members at the time of the draw.

11. In the event of there being more than 100 applications to join the “100 Club” the club will issue the required number of Draw numbers to satisfy demands, and prizes will be awarded on a pro rata basis of the actual number of members at the time of the draw.

12. Prize allocation, Based on 100 members.

50% of contributions  =  £1200 per year.

* 1st monthly prize £75

* 2nd monthly prize £25

* Additional subscribers will be able to join during the year.

Anyone can buy more than one number simply by purchasing more than one number from the seller.


Small lottery Reg: no SL0231

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